Bloggers: Turn Off The Pop-Ups -- Respect Your Readers

I can't be the only one suffering pop-up fatigue.

80 percent of blogs and websites (it seems that much at times) are hitting readers over the head with pop-ups. Getting you to the site is not enough. No, let's get you on the email list or sell you something before you've even had a chance to look around.

It's the equivalent of walking into a store and immediately being tackled to the ground so the assistant can separate you from your hard earned money.

"No browsing here Sir, just open your wallet"

It's invasive.

It's tacky.

It can even be pretty offensive.

The link bait is everywhere. Free this, free that. Promises of instant and life changing results if we just sign up. We get steered towards the sale. But one sale is not enough, we get pushed to another.

It's tiring.

Writers, Bloggers and Creators -- A Rallying Call to Action
Reader habits have changed, no doubt. The internet is crowded. As creators we want to be heard, we want to make a sale. I get it, I'm in it. But is bombarding our readers with pop-ups really the way we want to treat them? Don't they deserve better?

Another Way
Perhaps, as creators, we could focus on providing value first and then let the sale take care of itself.

Perhaps we could have a subtle link somewhere that people can find, if they are interested in signing up for updates, but not hit them in the face with it.

Perhaps we could just share free stuff not link bait it.

Perhaps we could take the counters off our share buttons to stop trying to influence more shares. Maybe we take share buttons off completely.

Wouldn't any and all of these actions amount to respecting our readers more?

When it comes down to it, isn't that why we started writing and creating in the first place -- to reach someone in a meaningful way? Create something valuable. Create an experience. Create something memorable.

Earning a living from our work is necessary for some of us and a dream to build towards for others. We can earn our living and earn our sales in the right way. Badgering a perspective buyer into submission is not the right way.

Stop trying to manipulate your readers into a quick sell. Treat them instead like the welcome guest they are. Build a relationship. Earn their trust. Work for that sale the hard way.

A Noble Art
Writing is a noble art with a noble history, full of noble writers who changed the world in their own way. Let's honor that by acting accordingly.

Remove the pop-ups, respect your readers.

Carl is a writer. He writes short books full of big ideas. He is also the proud owner of Frictionless Living which is focused on helping readers find and live their own version of a simpler, good life.