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Blogging 101: How to Rapidly Increase Your Traffic (Without Spending a Dime)

You love your blog. You enjoy writing weekly posts. You've experimented with doing an occasional podcast episode. You've even tried video.
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You love your blog.

You enjoy writing weekly posts. You've experimented with doing an occasional podcast episode. You've even tried video.

You put your heart and soul into delivering the very best content possible.

The problem is you just don't have enough readers.

Without enough "eyeballs" on your site, you can't sell your coaching, freelance services, products or courses. You need more traffic - a lot more traffic. And you really don't want to spend your money on Facebook ads, promoted Pins or sponsored Tweets.

You're willing to do the work to get more readers, but you just need to know what exactly to do so you can make it as a blogger.

Figuring out the right path to take to gain more readers involves crushing these four myths of blog traffic.

Four Silly Traffic Myths Demystified

It's easy to get overloaded with information about blog traffic. And if you've ever thought any of these things, you're not alone:

    1. My Blog Design Doesn't Count

Whether you know it or not, the look of your blog has A LOT to do with how many people read your blog, and how many of them become subscribers.

An effective blog design should present a professional image. It can still be fun, but it shouldn't be crammed with ads, buttons and badges.

All those extras will just overwhelm the reader and they'll move on to the next site.

    2. I'll Just Write Great Content

Many bloggers who are new to blogging start off by saying to themselves "I'll just write great content and that will bring in the readers."

Great content is essential to your success. But when you are a beginning blogger with under 1000 subscribers, you don't want to just post on your own blog.

You need to expand your horizons and become comfortable with reaching out to other bloggers. Practicing the art of blogger outreach will result in more views on your site.

Blogger outreach might sound intimidating but it's simply building blogger relations, preferably with prominent bloggers in your niche.

Reaching out will get you the social shares, readers and engagement that you want and need. The end goal is to connect with other bloggers so you can eventually guest post on their blogs.

    3. Guest Blogging Is Dead

I cannot tell you how many new clients say to me:

"Matt Cutts said that guest blogging is dead."

This is the perfect example of negative talk surrounding an essential part of your blogging success. Spammy guest posts on spammy sites and paid links is definitely dead. But excellent content on high-quality sites with a large readership? Very much alive.

While it's a good idea to have great content on your blog, it's an even better idea to reserve your very best content for other blogs - blogs that have far more traffic and subscribers than you do.

When you guest post, not only are you receiving a backlink from that blog which is great for search engine optimization, but you're also getting exposure to their readers, some of which will become your readers.

You use the authority and loyal readership of the other blogger to boost your own traffic, making guest blogging one of the most effective ways (hands down) to rapidly accelerate your growth.

    4. I'll Just Stick My Posts On Facebook

If you've ever thought this, you're not alone. There's something about the allure of just throwing a post up on Facebook that sucks bloggers in.

And while posting on Facebook can be one way to bring attention to your blog, there are far more effective ways to bring in traffic.

Here are some ideas:

  • Send an email to your subscribers about an article
  • Post the link on your social media accounts
  • Share your post in social groups and forums you belong to
  • Comment on other blog posts that allow you to include a link to your newest post
  • Send an email to your blogger outreach alliances and asked them to share your post on their social media networks

Alternatively, ask them if they could include you in their weekly wrap-up or round-up post (if they regularly do that type of post).

Facebook is only one part of a smart traffic and article promotion strategy. Don't lose out on valuable traffic by sticking just with Facebook.

    Using Outreach Scoring Instant Traffic to Your Blog

Practicing the art of blogger outreach will result in more eyeballs on your site. Outreach will get you the social shares, readers and engagement that you want and that you need.

Here are the reasons why building connections with other bloggers will guarantee you more traffic.

  • You benefit from another blogger's higher traffic numbers. Getting the eyes of another blogger's readers on your blog means more page views and higher Google Analytic numbers every single month, without fail.
  • You gain a new platform. By having an influential blogger share your tweet, pin or Google+ your post, you will get their influence shining their light onto your readers' eyes.
  • You acquire more subscribers. When you guest blog for a blog that has more traffic than you do, the readers that resonate with your post will go and check out your blog. If you direct them to a landing page in your short bio at the end of the post, that will translate into new subscribers.
  • You secure influencers to promote your content for free. Forget about Facebook or Twitter ads. You will get higher quality traffic that won't cost you a dime when you have an influential blogger promote your post.
  • You tap into the power of influence. Building a relationship with a top blogger is the key to building your blog traffic.

There is no doubt that dedication and persistence pays off, especially in the blogging world.

Don't make the mistake of posting your content and praying for traffic.

Focus on overcoming these blogging traffic myths and have the confidence that your blog readership will rapidly increase.

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