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Going From Blonde To Brunette? Avoid These 5 Common Hair Color Mistakes

It isn't as simple as finding the right hue.

Over the weekend, Reese Witherspoon debuted her new dark 'do in Nashville (also: will you check out the cheeks on her son Tennessee!). She had previously transformed into a brunette for her role as June Carter Cash in 2005's "Walk the Line, and according to People, has returned to one for an upcoming indie drama called "The Good Lie."

reese witherspoon brunette

The Academy Award-winning actress may make pulling off such a dramatic transformation appear easy, but it simply isn't. So, we asked Avon Global color expert Lorri Goddard (the woman behind Reese's luxurious locks at the 2013 Oscars and her new hair color) to let us in on the common mistakes women make when going from blonde to brunette.

Mistake 1: Avoiding any warmth or "red"
Blondes going darker need to embrace there inner warmer hair hues (think deepest dark chocolate and caramelized medium brown). This keeps the skin and eye color their most striking. Mediocre tones that are too ashy can make physical features look bland.

Mistake 2: Wanting the color to be the exact shade from scalp to ends
A child's natural brunette hair has subtle differences that add movement and shine throughout the hair. Ask your colorists to combine a few different colors to insure imperfectly perfect brunette color. No inky flat brunettes allowed!

Mistake 3: Not changing your makeup
You'd want to switch up your makeup palette to enhance your new hair coloring. Visit your local cosmetic counter for some friendly suggestions. A bit bolder look is usually called for when making this transformation.

Mistake 4: Using the same shampoos as when blonde
Non-sulphate shampoos are a must when going to the dark side. They help keep color in and fade out. Also, vinegar rinses (whether homemade or store-bought) really help with shine.

Mistake 5: Blondes going brunette in the summer without caution
Just know that when one chooses to go brunette during warm-weather months, chlorine and salt water combined with extra sunshine wreak double fade havoc.

Celebrity hair color inspiration on what to do... and not to do:

Anna Kendrick

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