Blood Found In Isabel Celis' Bedroom, Stains Found On Shower Curtain: Report

Blood Found In Missing Girl's Bedroom

Detectives saw what they believed to be blood on 6-year-old Isabel Celis' bedroom floor during their investigation into her disappearance, according to a shocking report released late last week.

Arizona police released documents revealing that the "apparent blood" was found in the missing girl's bedroom, and "dark red-brown stains" were found in a car outside the family's home, ABC News reported.

Authorities released more than 550 pages of case files, more than a month after Celis' father called 911 to report that the girl had likely been abducted some time after she went to bed the night of April 20.

The reports don't offer many details or speculate as to why there was blood in the home. Investigators also found stains on a shower curtain and white hat stowed in the family car, HLN-TV reported.

The documents also revealed that a witness pointed a finger at Celis' father, Sergio Celis, because he allegedly owed someone money. The witness speculated that Celis was abducted over a cash dispute.

"[The man] went on to say that something didn't seem right about what was going on and alluded that he believed that the father was involved in some way," the police report stated, according to ABC News.

Celis told cops that he fell asleep on the couch the night his daughter was taken. He's been under watch since the beginning of the investigation, but the girl's mother has defended him, calling him "a great father."

It's yet unclear what effect, if any, the reported blood stains have had on finding Isabel Celis.

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