"Bloodline" Had Better Have a Season 3

TV Review - Jackie K Cooper
"Bloodline" (Netflix)

The only thought going through my mind at the conclusion of the second season of "Bloodline" episodes is they better have this sucker locked down for a third season. The second season is that good and the conclusion that dramatic. If you enjoyed the first season of this Netflix series you are going to have an even bigger blast watching season two. As Margo Channing once warned in "All About Eve," you had better fasten your seat belts, it is going to be a bumpy night. And season two is more than bumpy; it is suspenseful, engrossing and above all else entertaining.

The story picks right up where last season ended. Danny Rayburn (Ben Mendelsohn) is dead and the rest of his family is trying to cope with this fact. Brother John (Kyle Chandler) is telling everyone Wayne Lowry (Glenn Morshower) did it and he wants the investigation over. Sister Meg (Linda Cardellini) has high tailed it up to New York and is trying to shake off the cloud that surrounds her family. Brother Kevin (Norbert Leo Butz) is just getting high with a little help from a hidden stash. And Mama Sally (Sissy Spacek) wants to know why her children keep lying to her.

Last year we learned Danny had a teenage son named Nolan (Owen Teague) and in season two he has a very crucial role in how things shake out. His mother Ev (Andrea Riseborough) follows him to the Rayburn family inn and tries to ingratiate herself with Sally. Where she goes trouble follows and trouble takes the form of Ozzie Delvecchio (John Leguizamo).

There is a lot of drama woven into these ten new episodes and the scripts are beautifully written. Still the effect of the words would be minimized did you not have the brilliant cast speaking and acting them. Cardellini and Butz make their characters nervous and edgy because of their past conduct. The sweat on their skin might be humidity or it might be fear.

Spacek's Sally has a bigger role this season due to the new storylines that open up because of the introduction of Ev and Nolan. Spacek is such a unique actress you can't ignore her when she is on screen. She demands to be seen and to be heard.

Still it is Chandler's performance as John that dominates the series. There are so many emotions fluttering over his face as he tries to be so many variations of John to so many different people. Chandler was highly effective on "Friday Night Lights" but this series shows a side of Chandler's talent you have not seen in the past. He brings out the best in his fellow actors by being so completely revealing in his role.

Since the series is located on Netflix it can be binge watched. The desire to watch just one more episode at a sitting will have you flying through the total ten. And when you have seen them all you will have a desire to go back and study them all over again.

"Bloodline" has profanity, violence and nudity. It is not for the meek viewer but rather for the strong of will who can accept flawed characters and immoral activities. The Rayburns are not a model family for anyone's values but they sure are interesting people to watch as they implode.

"Bloodline" is available on Netflix now.

Jackie K Cooper