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Bloody Mary Bar: How To Stock Your Brunch Cocktail Party

We love a cocktail party, in case you hadn't noticed. We love them so much, that we don't think you should have to limit yourself to having them in the evening. How can you host a brunch cocktail party without looking like a total lush? Behold: the Bloody Mary Bar.

The Bloody Mary is one of our favorite cocktails for a few reasons -- 1) you get to drink them in daylight hours, 2) they hit all the savory, salty, briny notes we love and 3) just think of all the vitamins you're consuming by basically drinking a salad!

But a Bloody Mary can be a time consuming cocktail that requires a lot of tinkering. Some people want theirs to be a salt bomb. Some prefer theirs to be fiery hot. How to solve this conundrum without running yourself ragged, while still making sure everyone gets their drink? Build a Bloody Mary bar and let your friends mix their own!

Here are the components that we think are essential (or just really fun). Since everyone likes their salad cocktails differently, you can pick and choose your favorite versions when you build your own.

Build Your Own Bloody Mary Bar