The Minnesota Twins Will Be Serving Up A Bloody Mary Garnished With A Slice Of Pizza

No, this is not a dream. Yes, you may cry tears of joy.

If, while sipping on a Bloody Mary, you've ever thought to yourself, "Hmmph, this could really use a slice of pizza packed inside," it's near time to book a trip to Minnesota. Hrbek's Pub, located within the Minnesota Twins' home stadium, Target Field, is now offering a beverage called the College Daze that will satisfy this type of conundrum.

The cocktail is garnished with a cold slice of pizza, alongside more typical bloody accoutrements like olives and a celery stick. (There also appears to be an entire meat stick jammed in there.)

Hrbek's will sell the sip-able, alcoholic appetizer will sell for $19, according to Fox Sports. Hrbek's Pub is named after Kent Hrbek, a former MLB first baseman who spent his entire 14-year career playing for the Twins. The former Twins player seems just as excited about the emerging concoction as anyone should be, as he tweeted a photo on his personal account (shown above).

Bloody Marys have earned a reputation of going all out: We've seen drinks stuffed with an entire fried chicken, booze balanced out with the addition of a bacon cheeseburger and even a Bloody generously stuffed with a rack of tater tots. It was only a matter of time before Bloody enticed pizza to join its delicious, witch-crafting ways.

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