'Bloom In Love': The New Yorker Puts Bloomberg On The Cover

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, no stranger to literary satire, made the cover of the New Yorker this week. In a sketch by Barry Blitt (of the controversial Fist Bump fame) the mayor peers into the mirror at himself with pure adoration (the floaty hearts) around him scattered the makings of a romantic Valentine's Day evening (chocolates and chilled Dom Perignon).

But how does the actual Bloomberg feel about the cover? "It was great," he told reporters Thursday. "I thought it was cute looking into the mirror."

Mr. Bloomberg, not known for a humble demeanor, seemed content to offer his own interpretation of the work.

"I like what I see in the mirror, and I hope everybody here does," the mayor said. "I get up in the morning, and I work as hard as I can, and my kids have turned out great. I'm a lucky enough guy to have made a lot of money, and I'm giving it all away and making a big difference."

The artist explained that the original concept was only a Valentine's Day cover, and tossed around versions with Sarah Palin and Julian Assange before settling on New York City's mayor. Now why do you think Bloomberg is a perfect fit for someone gazing with adoration in the mirror?