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Bloomberg Announces 'Gossip Girl Day' In New York: Penn Badgley Wears '99 Percent' Shirt (PHOTOS)

Mayor Bloomberg loves loves loves it when TV shows and movies are filmed in New York. No surprise then that Thursday Hizzoner bestowed an unusual honor upon one Gotham-based program-- proclaiming January 26th in New York Gossip Girl Day, in celebration of the show's 100th episode.

Look! Bloomberg even XOXO'd a tweet:

And for a show fixated on the swanky lives of the decidedly 1 percent, actor and heartthrob Penn Badgley 'occupied' the stage at the presser for the award Thursday, wearing a "We are the 99 percent" t-shirt.

(Meanwhile, 26 of Badgley's comrades were being arrested during a protest in Brooklyn.)

Priceless photos of Bloomberg and the Gossip cast below:

Bloomberg & Gossip Girl Cast

Bloomberg Announces 'Gossip Girl Day' In NYC

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