Bloomberg Just Blew It On The Fabrice Tourre Verdict (UPDATE)

Bloomberg Just Blew It On The Fabrice Tourre Verdict

Bloomberg got a little too twitchy on the Twitter button at the conclusion of the high-profile case that found Fabrice Tourre, a former Goldman Sachs vice president, liable for violating federal securities law Thursday.

Moments after the verdict was reached, Bloomberg News tweeted that Tourre won the SEC case.

bloomberg fail

A minute later, Bloomberg TV tweeted the opposite news, which turned out to be the correct news.

bloomberg win

Bloomgerg News later deleted its original tweet and issued the following correction.

UPDATE: The New York Post reports that the editor who published the tweet, John Pickering, “is no longer with the company," according to a person familiar with the matter. Pickering had worked at Bloomberg for roughly 20 years.

One imagines that Bloomberg's editors had two Tweets pre-drafted ahead of the verdict. The news outlet is known for having reporters pre-write multiple versions of stories, before the news comes out. We'll reach out to them for comment and let you know if we hear anything back.

Looks like Bloomberg also got it wrong on TV, according to this screenshot from Business Insider's Joe Weisenthal.

This post has been updated to include additional information about the Bloomberg editor who tweeted the incorrect information.

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