Bloomberg TV Falsely Claims Betty Liu Was Nominated For Pulitzer Prize

Bloomberg TV has been caught making a false claim about anchor Betty Liu. recently investigated the network's ads claiming that Liu, a morning anchor, was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize. The posters, which were spotted on New York City subway trains, show Liu with the captions, "PULITZER PRIZE-NOMINATED" and "HAS ALL THE HEAVY HITTERS ON SPEED DIAL. AND THAT'S JUST THE ANCHOR."

However, Liu has never actually been nominated for the award. Rather, The Financial Times submitted her work to represent the paper in the competition in 2000.

When approached about the matter, a Bloomberg spokeswoman promised that the company would correct the ads, which she described as "an innocent mistake."

She said in a statement to, "You are right. Thanks for catching it. An innocent mistake was made by our marketing folks who did not fully understand that while Betty was entered for a Pulitzer Prize by the Financial Times in 2000 for her series of articles on immigrant labor in the South, this does not make her 'Pulitzer Prize-nominated.' As soon as you pointed it out we realized it was wrong and are correcting those ads."

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