Bloomberg's Snow Response Gets Satirical Treatment (VIDEO)

It's an exciting week for Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Because of the city's high-profile snow storm during Christmas (and the city's botched response to it) he is being featured this week in not one but TWO national champions of satire and comedy.

Saturday Night Live's cold open spoofed Bloomberg with a sketch about the mayor being baffled by snow (Bloomy here played by a Woody Allen-sounding Fred Armisen).

"Where does snow come from?" He whines. "Is it dangerous? Will the snow stay forever?


And The New Yorker's satirical piece about Bloomberg's snow 'diary' also portrays Mayor Bloomberg as out-of-touch, mystified by snow:

December 27th

How was the Mayor's office supposed to know the snow was coming? Are we mystics, simply because we sit in an open space and are all very rich? It's not as if there's some all-knowing person with a crystal ball who can somehow forecast the weather. . . .

The snow is a mystery to me. One day, no snow. The next, so much snow. Where does it come from? Will it stay forever? If only we could fashion a large wall or blade and attach it to a big truck and somehow push the snow away. Perhaps in the future. Perhaps Apple is working on it. The iPlow . . .

Who knew there were four other boroughs? Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, and the other one . . .

December 28th

The criticism mounts. Someplace called the Bronks (sp?) remains snowbound. Am I missing something? Yes, there is a lot of snow. Yes, we haven't plowed it. Yes, the subways and buses aren't really running so well. So why don't people simply use their helicopters? . . .

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