Bloomingdale’s Apologizes For Super Creepy Holiday Ad

Apparently spiking a person's eggnog is a fun thing to do.

Bloomingdale's just made a pretty glaring mistake.

Yesterday, an Imgur user posted a photo of an ad from Bloomingdale's new holiday catalog that is troublingly suggestive of a date rape scenario. The department store's ad shows a woman laughing with a man looking at her. In between the models the advertisement reads: "Spike your best friend's eggnog when they're not looking."

Um... no.

Bloomingdale's apologized in a statement to Tech Insider yesterday. "In reflection of recent feedback, the copy we used in our recent catalog was inappropriate and in poor taste. Bloomingdales' sincerely apologizes for this error in judgment," a Bloomingdale's representative told Tech Insider.

The brand also tweeted an apology:

Despite Bloomingdale's apology, Twitter users continued to call out the brand, tweeting their thoughts about the advertisement using the hashtag #Bloomingdales.

To sum it up: Don't spike anyone's drink ever and definitely don't joke about it in an advertising campaign.

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