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Women Attempt To Blow Dead Bug Into Each Other's Mouths On Japanese Game Show

Japanese TV: Where Defeat Tastes Like Bugs

If this is Japanese TV's answer to "The Hunger Games," we'd prefer a fight to the death.

In America, pop stars humiliate themselves without being prompted, but in Japan, debasement is written into the script.

AKBingo is a television show starring members of an all-female pop group, AKB48. According to Asia One, the premise of the show is that the women play dodgeball, and whoever gets hit has to pay a penalty, usually in the form of a ridiculous game.

In this segment, which aired on the show last month, two women blow on opposite ends of a clear plastic tube in an effort to avoid eating a cicada.

Winning means fame and fortune, losing means a less-than-desirable lunch, and someone's got to lose. Here's the entire show, in which the loser bites down on the bug and "appears to swallow it," according to the New York Daily News:

To be fair, eating cicadas isn't that far fetched. They're apparently a good source of protein. Although they're generally eaten fried, the one on the show looks kind of... raw.

It should be noted that Japan's entertainment game has always been a few years ahead of the curve. Therefore, the visceral disgust you may be feeling at this spectacle should be allayed by the outside chance that in three-to-five years, Carrot Top and Kathy Griffin will be vying for the title of "Didn't Eat The Bug." Won't that just be peaches?!

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