Blowing Out A Very, Extremely Dirty PC (VIDEO)

Is this the most filthy, dirty PC ever? If you're pondering how it could have possibly functioned while being so filthy, you're not alone.

After wondering if said dirty PC was a working computer, or something he (man in video) had in storage or wrapped in a blanket buried in the sand somewhere for a couple years, we looked to Reddit where there was of course a thread dedicated to the video.

Redditors discussing the video offered up that they've seen dirtier PCs in auto garages, and servers operating out of a tent in the Jordanian desert for two months were scary dirty.

What's even worse than a super dirty, dusty computer? A super dirty, dusty computer in the house of a cigarette smoker. One commenter on LiveLeak said, "I used to do PC repair in the past and I have seen a few like this. Mostly in automobile repair shops. Of course, the worst are in the homes of smokers because the smoke sticks to the dust and it's almost like mud, but more nasty cause it's sticky."

Reason to quit smoking #23,957: It kills computers as well as lungs.

Quick bit of advice: Those now eager clean their PCs with an air compressor, think twice before diving in. The delicate electronics in computers are not meant to withstand such a harsh treatment, and could result in permanent damage. The better way to go would be to get "canned air" made specifically for for cleaning out computers. Though, how many of those cans it would have taken to clean out the PC in the video will remain a mystery for all of eternity.

What's the dirtiest you've let your computer get? Know any tips or tricks for cleaning a PC? Give a shout out in the comments below.



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