Thermite-Filled Pumpkins Explode Into Fireballs, And It's Wicked Fun

Jack-o-lantern tension comes to a head.

As the narrator says in a whimsical new video posted by the London-based charity The Royal Institution, it's time "to explore the previously unknown interface between pumpkins and thermite."

Dude, just tell us you're blowing up pumpkins, and we're yours.

Watch the gourd pyrotechnics play out when jack-o-lanterns mingle with iron oxide and aluminum powder. Ignited by a strip of magnesium, the reaction causes temperatures as high as 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit, according to the video. That prompts molten iron to spill from one jack-o-lantern's mouth into the head of another.

Then voila, a fireball-spewing Halloween spectacular!

Things get pretty dramatic -- as you'll see in the gif below (which reminds us of how we used to feel when we received candy corn or hard penny candy while trick-or-treating):

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