Blowup Sex Doll Serves As Scarecrow, Is Big Turnoff For Birds

Not just another airhead.

Maybe now the soil can get its rocks off.

A blowup sex doll serves as a scarecrow in Chengdu, China, watching over crops near a construction site, according to photo agency Imaginechina.

She wears a hard hat from a worker who reportedly owned the inflatable before it was claimed by a rapeseed farmer, according to the Irish Mirror.

And she isn't just full of hot air. The doll has been successful in scaring off birds, the outlet noted. Well, at least the ones who aren't lonely.


A previous sighting of a blow-up doll guarding a field in Chengdu led one commenter to write: "Wouldn't want to walk past that at night!"

The doll photos have blown up on the Internet in China, the U.K.'s Mirror reported.

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