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Healthy Foodies, Blue Apron Now Has Meal Plans For Mediterranean Diets

Stock up on olive oil.
One of&nbsp;Blue Apron's many tasty&nbsp;Mediterranean recipes: <a href="" target="_blank">seared salmon and lemon labneh</a>&nbsp;with freekeh, zucchini and dates.
One of Blue Apron's many tasty Mediterranean recipes: seared salmon and lemon labneh with freekeh, zucchini and dates.

If you missed out on Blue Apron’s eight weeks of Whole30-approved recipes earlier this year, you’re in luck. Earlier this month, the meal kit delivery service introduced healthy recipes for Mediterranean diets, and they’re not going anywhere any time soon.

Moving forward Blue Apron subscribers will see two recipes from each weekly two-person menu marked “Mediterranean Diet” recipes. The Mediterranean diet was voted the best overall diet in 2018 because of its proven ability to boost longevity and help prevent a number of chronic diseases. The diet emphasizes plant-first foods like fruits and vegetables, whole grains, legumes, and nuts, as well as healthy fats such as olive oil, and low-fat proteins such as poultry and fish.

Blue Apron’s pre-portioned and pre-packaged meal kits aim to make healthy eating easy and accessible with tasty Mediterranean-diet recipes like roasted cauliflower and farro salad, fregola sarda pasta in zesty tomato sauce and chicken paillard and olive-raisin sauce.

One of&nbsp;Blue Apron's many tasty&nbsp;Mediterranean recipes: <a href="" target="_blank">fregola sarda pasta</a>&nbsp;in zesty tomato sauce with fennel and goat cheese.&nbsp;
One of Blue Apron's many tasty Mediterranean recipes: fregola sarda pasta in zesty tomato sauce with fennel and goat cheese. 

For Blue Apron beginners, the service has two-person and four-person family plans to choose from, with options from two to four recipes per week, starting at $48 a week. From Blue Apron’s selection of weekly recipes (including vegetarian recipes, 30-minute meals and customer favorites) you choose which ones you want, and then everything for those meals is shipped to you in perfectly-proportioned packages with step-by-step instructions.

Unlike the Blue Apron’s Whole 30 meal kits, the Mediterranean diet meals aren’t a temporary offering ― they’re here to stay. However, keep in mind the one ingredient that doesn’t come in your meal kits is olive oil, so stock up on your favorite brand.

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