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Blue UFO Spotted Over The Netherlands (VIDEO)


A blue-colored UFO, videotaped by a Netherlands resident, remains unexplained.

Blue? That's something new.

OpenMinds.TV reports that, on April 11, Dick Smits was at home in the town of Maassluis -- south of The Hague, the seat of government of the Netherlands and the capital city of South Holland.

It was the middle of the afternoon, and Smits was videotaping a boat on a canal. He spotted a blue object hovering in the sky for several minutes, so he turned his camera on it and zoomed in.

Watch the video of the blue UFO over the Netherlands.

From the angle that Smits caught the object, it looks a little like a classic flying saucer (see bottom left), with a curved bottom and a dome on top.

At another point in the short video, the blue-tinted UFO moved slightly (bottom right) so that its structure seemed a little less like a flying saucer and, perhaps, more manmade. Could that be some sort of cockpit on the right side image?


When the Rotterdam-based RTV Rijnmond TV organization interviewed Smits about what he videotaped, he didn't indicate how the blue object eventually disappeared from view.

Smits reportedly told the broadcaster that he just didn't know what the object was.

And nobody has come forward to claim ownership of the baffling blue object.

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