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Blue Is The New Black

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Fashion week may be over in New York, but who's paying attention to the runways?

The election is what's making headlines this year. The latest trend: wearing your political views. From jewelry to tees, the political season promises to be quite a fashionable one. No horrific beehives or up-dos required.

Here's a rundown of the party favors.

Ask for Change Bracelet by Knot 2 Much 2 Ask


When the latest jewelry designers do an election bracelet, you know it's going to be amazing. Case in point: the Ask for Change bracelet. Aside from being beautiful and utterly now, it's a great investment piece, as a portion of the proceeds will go towards the Obama campaign.
Available at

Patricia Field Obama V-neck Tee by Patricia Field


Anyone worth her gladiator heels knows this is t-shirt isn't of the ho-hum garb variety.
Available at

Split Decision Vote by Toms


Hard to imagine - but if some are undecided, these should work.
Available at

Freddy & Ma Vote Totes


A tote shows both environmental and political consciousness--it's as of-the-moment as it gets.
Available at

Obey Vintage Obama Tee


Perfectly fit. Smart. Cool. Sound familiar?
Available at Or design your own on

Kwigy-bo Dog Election Tees and Kid Plush Toys


Because this election is important to our kiddies, too.
Available at and

Renee Frances Vote Ring


Should you be shy to declare your candidate of choice? This ring will still make a statement.
Available at

Set Edition Vote Cards


Send reminders to your friends--you'd be amazed by how disheartened everyone is by our current situation.
Available at

"I've Got A Crush On Obama" Mini Pins


Just in case you didn't already figure this out.
Available at

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