Blue Ivy Turns 2, Her Adorable, Fabulous And Glorious Life In GIFS

Happy 2nd Birthday, Blue Ivy!

Happy 2nd Birthday, Blue Ivy Carter!

Over a mere two years on earth, this little lady has stolen our hearts. Beyond being the offspring of two of the world's biggest superstars (hey, Bey and Jay!), Blue is already a bona fide fashionista, chart-topping "singer" and social media sensation -- to name a few.

We just can't get enough of her! And something tells us there will be nothing terrible about about her two's!

So in celebration of little Miss Blue's birthday, here's a brief, yet moving, look back at her first two years.

She's on her way!

A star is born!

Too stinkin' cute!

On the move with her entourage!


Dancing with daddy on a yacht!

Kisses from a Queen...Bey!

Sometimes she's got to tell the paparazzi to backoff!

"What up, y'all!"

On the shoulders of moguls (aka daddy)!

Shine bright like...a glow stick!

Time to hit the (private) beach. Peace!

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