Blue Ivy Can't Watch Video Of Beyoncé And Jay-Z In Bed During Concert

Cover your eyes, kid!

Beyoncé and Jay-Z might want to think about including daughter Blue Ivy in their act ― the kid is a born entertainer.

The 6-year-old’s adorable look of embarrassment while watching a video of her parents in bed during their recent concert went viral for her highly relatable reaction, People reported.

Who the heck wants to see Mom and Dad like that, especially when thousands of others are watching?

Watch Blue Ivy grimace, cover her eyes and finally duck behind a barrier as the home-movie interlude plays during her parents’ On The Run II tour performance.

Blue Ivy did poke her head back up while the video was shown at London Stadium last week ― but that initial reaction was priceless.

Even though she’s an heiress to music royalty, Bue Ivy definitely knows how to make her own presence felt.

Remember how she shushed her parents during the Grammys, and took over their bidding at an art auction?

It’s Blue Ivy’s world, and we’re just waiting for an encore.

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