Blue Ivy. Why Aren't Children Off Limits?


Where to begin, where to begin my lovelies? I really didn't want to comment on this topic. I was praying to the powers that be to remove this nagging thought from my mind. After my last post and some of the comments, I was like, maybe I whine too much. Maybe I need to let little things go, maybe I shouldn't take things too seriously, but then I was like hell no. Writing is how I vent; it's how I get things off my chest -- it's how I express myself.

If I don't (and I know this from past experience), if I keep things pent up, I eventually explode over something trivial. So, unfortunately for those of you who think I am too sensitive, sorry but not sorry. I am who I am, no apologies made. Some people are sensitive and some people aren't; it's all part of the variety of life.

I usually give myself 24 hours and if I am still bothered by something that I want to forget about, then I write something on it. This way I know I have had time to mellow out, but I still haven't mellowed out about the Blue Ivy so-called "joke." I hesitate to even call it a joke because there isn't anything even remotely funny about it, but I think that is what the writer of this disgusting string of words was trying to attempt.

I don't know who wrote it; I read it was for an Amy Poehler sitcom, and I heard she wrote it. I really don't know the source of such depravity or filth, can't say that I want to know honestly, and I just pray that they learn from it, that somewhere in their consciousness, whoever is responsible will figure out that it wasn't right.

How it even got past the writers table, past their supervisors, past their censors to even make it in screen without being flagged by someone with children or someone with some sort of moral compass is beyond me. Look, this is not my child; I didn't carry her in my being and nourish her and feel her grow; I didn't watch her learn to walk and cringe when she fell or felt proud when she learned something new, but I did these things with my own daughter, so for the life of me, I can't imagine what it must feel like to have something so asinine said about her.

Why aren't kids off limits? Is it too much to ask to leave kids out of it. Damn, kids don't pick their parents, she didn't sign up for fame, so just leave her out of it for God's sake. If you must joke about children, how about you joke about your own kids instead of other people's? I am sure you could find something about Woody Allen and your own kids or kids in your own family to joke about. I mean, wouldn't that be hilarious? No, right? I didn't think so because guess what? It's really not.

I haven't been this inflamed since that silly girl (I say silly because she giggled like a silly little girl), what's-her-name, said that stupid joke about the child's hair on BET. Yes, the Black Entertainment Network no less. Then said she just read the teleprompter. I mean, why is this little girl often the target? Is it because she is black and loved? Is it because maybe, she is going to grow up loving herself? Because her parents are going to put her on a playing field that a lot of blacks don't often have, so she has to be brought down just a little bit, even though she's just a baby. Enough is enough. Our babies should be off limits, end of story.