Blue Ivy's Pricey Wardrobe Is Making Headlines Yet Again


Five-year-old Blue Ivy Carter recently attended the New Orleans wedding of Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s friends, Lawrence Parker and Jessica Clemons.

While Bey opted for a gorgeous peach gown and Jay-Z wore a tux with a floral shirt, Blue Ivy wore a dress that costs nearly $5,000, an “Eternal Beauty” dress by high-end children’s designer Mischka Aoki.

The embellished dress was made of hand-stitched crystals with a silk skirt. How cute is she?

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She completed her look with white, lace-up flats, which looked perfect for hitting the dance floor with her dad:

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In the past, people haven’t been able to help themselves from commenting on Blue’s endless array of Gucci, $10,000 red carpet looks, and the fact that some of her dresses cost more than some people’s monthly rents.

While people are quick to criticize the cost of Blue Ivy’s outfits, don’t forget that Bey and Jay-Z are basically billionaires who wear equally (and more) expensive duds. Critics don’t call out her parents for the insane amounts they spend on their clothing and accessories, yet they’re quick to criticize Bey and Jay-Z’s parenting choices.

If Bey can wear $13 million worth of diamonds to the VMAs or buy her husband a reported $5 million watch, it’s fair to say that Blue Ivy can wear anything she wants.