Blue Lobster Found In Nova Scotia, Canada, Now For Sale (PHOTO)

Canadian fisherman Bobby Stoddard caught a striking electric blue lobster in Nova Scotia early last month and is now looking to sell the rare crustacean to the highest bidder, reports CTV News.

Blue lobsters occur only in one of about every two million lobsters and the coloring is the result of a genetic defect, according to the University of Maine.

While Stoddard is putting the animal up for sale, he says he won't let the owners eat the unusual creature. And that's a good thing, given the lobster would lose its blue pigment during the cooking process, according to The New York Times.

The 51-year-old lobster boat captain told CNN it's the first blue lobster he's seen in 31 years of fishing.

Check out the eccentric blue lobster below:

electric blue lobster found