Blue UFOs In England Identified By Leicestershire UFO Research Society

After weeks of research and dozens of witness interviews, a UFO research group in England has unravelled the mystery behind the blue flying objects spotted hovering over Leicestershire on Aug. 23.

They were probably "quadcopters," four-rotor remote-controlled helicopters with flashing blue and green lights, reports.

About 35 witnesses reported sightings to the Leicestershire UFO Research Society, which immediately began investigating.

They reported that witnesses saw flashing lights in the air in two separate areas over Hinckley, and that the objects were "behaving strangely," according to LiveScience.

The society's spokesman, Graham Hall, said the incident likely was not a hoax, but that quadcopters (video below) are new enough that they're tricking people into thinking they've got extraterrestrials on their hands.

"They are relatively new but basically they're model helicopters with four small rotor supports arranged in a cross shape," Hall told the site. "They can have bright lights attached to them and can look very strange as they hover and circle in the night sky."



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