Blue Whales Spotted In Unusually Large Numbers Off Southern California Shore (VIDEO)

Whale watchers in Southern California have been delighted this year with the spectacle of blue whales turning up close to shore in unusually large numbers.

In this video, Captain Brad Sawyer of Voyager Whale Watching tells CBS, "I've been working on the water for 23 years right now and this is the first time I've ever seen a congregation of blue whales like this."

Other veteran whale watchers concur with Sawyer's statement, and say higher amounts of krill -- which the whales eat -- may be responsible for drawing the whales both closer to the shore, and up to the surface. Whales are also believed to spend more time at the surface when a threat is perceived, which could also be a reason for the large turnout.

Unfortunately, although the rare sight is a joy for whale watchers, it also puts the gigantic creatures perilously close to some of the busiest shipping lanes.