People On Twitter Are Horny For The New Host Of 'Blue's Clues'

Joshua Dela Cruz is making waves on social media after fans found his Instagram page and decided the "Blue's Clues & You" star is "so hot."

Many people on Twitter have recently discovered that they’re very attracted to Joshua Dela Cruz, the new host of Nickelodeon’s “Blue’s Clues” reboot, and it’s led to some pretty horny tweets.

While the network announced the casting of Dela Cruz on the show “Blue’s Clues & You” last fall and released a sneak peek in May, the Filipino American star has only recently begun to light up social media.

From the looks of some thirsty tweets, it seems that interest was piqued once images from Dela Cruz’s Instagram page started circulating.

Look at this shot... hubba hubba, much?

Anyway, Dela Cruz’s new role doesn’t hit screens until November, so we’ll have to wait until then to, uh, tune in to the children’s show.

In the interim, let’s read some horny tweets about him: