BMe Genius Solomon Jones joins the Philly Praise 107.9 FM Team

BMe Genius Solomon Jones
BMe Genius Solomon Jones

BMe Genius Solomon Jones, host of Your Voice on Radio One Philly’s WPPZ 107.9 FM, joins Praise Philly's airwaves. The dynamic host has ignited the Philly morning airwaves, bringing a balance of music and talk on today’s most important social issues.

“I’m excited to join Radio One at this critical time for our community,” Solomon said. “In the face of political upheaval, police brutality, underfunded education, violence and racial turmoil, we desperately need a voice. Through this show, we’ll provide it. I’ll bring high-powered interviews, community interaction, award-winning journalism and lots of laughs to the mix. But more than anything I’ll listen, and together we’ll put faith into action to bring about the change we need.”

BMe Genius Solomon Jones interviewing newly elected Philadelphia District Attorney    Larry Krasner
BMe Genius Solomon Jones interviewing newly elected Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner

Solomon intimately knows the Philadelphia market, as he was a well-known radio personality in this market who continued to grow his multi-media career. His show will engage the Greater Philadelphia market (Philadelphia, South Jersey and Delaware) on-air and in the community.

“We are excited about this new era for Praise 107.9 as a local source of socially in-tune commentary and music,” said Karen Vaughn, Program Director, Radio One Philly. “Let’s raise the bar together.”

Solomon is a graduate of Temple University, an Essence bestselling author and award-winning journalist who has been featured nationally on NPR's Morning Edition, CNN Headline News and Essence Magazine. Solomon moved to WPPZ from WURD as the host of Wake Up with WURD from 7am - 10am. He also handles a column for the Philadelphia Daily News.

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“Solomon delivers the information and perspectives important to Philadelphia listeners that will keep them informed, inspired and entertained daily,” the station released in a statement. “Solomon's drive, work ethic, listener engagement and notoriety in the market makes him the perfect talent to host a show of this magnitude.”

Your Voice airs 10 a.m. to 12 noon Monday - Saturday in Philadelphia on WPPZ 107.9FM.

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