No, This Isn't A New James Bond Stunt

You only sink once!

It looks like something from a James Bond movieVideo going viral shows a BMW floating down the River Thames in London on Wednesday afternoon.

Its hazard lights blink as it gently drifts away, before slowly sinking to the bottom of the water. Dozens of onlookers filmed the embarrassing end of the luxury car, believed to be a BMW 4 series Gran Coupe worth around $50,000.

The vehicle was left on a slipway at Putney Embankment about 2 p.m, the Evening Standard reports. The tide came in and lifted it out into the river. Luckily, no one was inside as it was taken for its impromptu dip.

"I couldn't actually believe it was happening," one onlooker told The Daily Star. "The police were there but literally didn't know what to do -- they were as confused as the rest of us."

"HMS BMW turned into a U-boat and sank! Note to self -- don't park next to the river in Putney!" said witness Jasper Dalgliesh in a Facebook post. 

A barge-mounted crane lifted the car from the bottom of the river on Thursday. The vehicle's owner is yet to be located.