Bo Monsoumbath, San Francisco Driver, Allegedly Tries To Run Down Officer Giving Her A Parking Ticket

A woman in San Francisco was arrested and charged with assault last week after she allegedly tried to run over a parking enforcement officer who was giving her a ticket. When he jumped onto her car to avoid being hit, she reportedly drove around the city with him clinging to the hood.

Bo Monsoumbath, 33, also allegedly hit a motorcyclist during the mile-long ride and kept going, police told KRON 4.

An eyewitness snapped a photo of the Department of Parking and Traffic officer atop the hood of Monsoumbath's Prius and sent the image to the Hoodline website:

"I saw her go by and realized there was a guy on the hood on his back, hanging on kind of spread-eagled," the witness, Allison Y., told Hoodline. "She turned right from that far left lane across all lanes of traffic onto Octavia. We caught up to her around Market -- she was screaming, he was screaming, it was insane."

But Monsoumbath said there was a reason for the wild ride. She told KRON 4 she was sexually harassed by the officer.

Monsoumbath said the officer, who has not been identified, asked her to “do things instead of getting a parking citation which led me to believe he was posing as a meter maid." She said she stopped several times, but the officer wouldn't get off the car.

“I am still shaken up by the whole situation. I was sexually harassed then had a man jump on my car. I never tried to run that meter maid over. It’s clear I’m at a stop in the pic and I made several stops,” she told the station.

Monsoumbath is facing a felony charge of assault with a deadly weapon (her Prius) and a misdemeanor charge of hit and run, according to KRON 4.



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