'Boardwalk Empire' Star Aleksa Palladino On Angela Darmody's Death & Her New Band Exitmusic

On "Boardwalk Empire," Aleksa Palladino played Angela Darmody, the most modern woman in the Prohibition era drama. As Jimmy Darmody's (Michael Pitt) 1920s bohemian common-law wife, she sleeps with women and is pursuing a painting career.

"She's sort of a controversial one because she has ambitions that are still very unique for the time," Palladino told "Good Day NY" in September. "She's a painter and she's exploring her own sexuality ... with women and with men."

But sadly, late in "Boardwalk Empire's" second season, Angela met her fate as a casualty of her husband's mob dealings.

Palladino, who told Fast Company she was in mourning for three months after Angela's death, has taken it as an opportunity to focus on her music career. She is one half the band Exitmusic -- the other half is her husband Devon Church -- and she recently talked to Spinner about how her two artistic careers intersect.

"When I'm really into a character, it winds up bringing up so much emotional stuff and so much of my own experience that it's just a natural thing to me, to write out of it," Palladino said. "[Music and acting] have only heightened the experience of the other. I feel like the point is to become better at expressing truer things about yourself, so they both do that. It's like the same muscle kinda gets exercised. So yeah, it's not like a different part of the brain takes over doing one or the other, for me. They're the same."