Bob Barker Condemns SeaWorld In New PETA TV Spot (VIDEO)

WATCH: Bob Barker Condemns SeaWorld

Bob Barker is no longer telling people to "Come on down!" In fact, he's asking the opposite of anyone considering a trip to SeaWorld, which he condemns as a "sad exhibit."

In a new PETA TV spot, Bob Barker states, "If you're thinking about a trip to SeaWorld, please reconsider." In the video, Barker states that some orcas at SeaWorld were taken from their family pods in the ocean and are now forced to swim in small, concrete tanks where they perform "dumb tricks."

PETA reports that at least 23 orcas have died in U.S. SeaWorld facilities since 1986 from causes other than old age.

Celebrities including Matt Damon, Hayden Panettiere, Tommy Lee, and Pamela Anderson have all similarly criticized SeaWorld. Last year, a killer whale drowned a trainer, which prompted PETA and Barker to call for SeaWorld's orcas to be retired to sanctuaries.

Following Tommy Lee's recent accusation of SeaWorld's "sick and twisted" treatment, in which he cited PETA, a SeaWorld representative responded, "PETA is as careless with their facts as they are extreme in their views."

PETA plans to target seniors who may be planning a trip to SeaWorld with their grandchildren by airing the new Bob Barker TV spot during broadcasts of game shows like "Jeopardy!" and "Wheel Of Fortune."


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