Bob Bashara Arrested For Allegedly Hiring Hit Man To Kill Joe Gentz Who Admitted To Murdering Jane Bashara

A husband suspected of hiring a hit man to murder his wife has now been arrested for allegedly soliciting an assassin to kill the accused hit man.

The Detroit Free Press reports Bob Bashara was taken into custody on Monday night in an alley outside his house in Grosse Pointe Park, Mich. where, authorities say, Bashara had a sex dungeon in the basement.

Bashara's wife, Jane, was found strangled to death in her SUV on January 25.

Joe Gentz turned himself in to police days later and allegedly admitted he was hired to pose as a handyman by Bashara to kill his wife. Gentz is being held on charges of first-degree murder and conspiracy, according to the Free Press. Bashara has never been charged in connection to his wife's death.

Bashara's lawyer, David Griem told WXYZ he's skeptical of the new allegations against his client.

"I find that far-fetched for this reason; We all know that Joe Gentz was released by the prosecution and was out on the streets for seven or eight days before he was arrested again," Gentz said. "If that were the theory then Joe Gentz wouldn’t be around today."

Unnamed sources told WXYZ that Bashara's plan was to have Gentz kill Jane and then, in a second murder-for-hire, have Gentz killed in jail.

Bashara is charged with solicitation to murder a witness.

The Bashara's were married for 26 years, according to WDIV. They have two grown children.

Allegations emerged after Jane's murder that her husband threw wild sex parties featuring dominatrixes at whipping, spanking and bondage stations.