Bob Beckel Choking: Says Roger Ailes, Eric Bolling Saved His Life (VIDEO)

Fox News' boss Roger Ailes and Eric Bolling saved Bob Beckel's life on Thursday, after Beckel started choking on a shrimp at lunch.

On Thursday's "The Five," Beckel recounted his near-death experience at a celebratory lunch for the show. "I couldn't breathe at all," he said. "The boss of bosses here at Fox, Roger Ailes, stood up and gave me the Heimlich. He couldn't get his arms all the way around me but he loosened it up enough." Patting co-host Eric Bolling on the back, he continued, "And then my brother here saved my existence because he got it out."

On a lighter note, he advised, "Don't eat too fast. Particularly don't eat big shrimp."

Everyone around the table expressed their relief that Beckel was okay. "You scared the hell out of us," Bolling said.

"Not everyone I know might be as happy," Beckel joked.

WATCH (via Johnny Dollar):