Wait, Did Bob Beckel Just Challenge Jason Mattera To A Knife Fight?

We're not positive, but Bob Beckel may have just lost it.

The Fox News host went off on conservative author Jason Mattera on Wednesday for his attempt to interview former Internal Revenue Service official Lois Lerner. A video released Monday shows Mattera confronting Lerner in her neighborhood while she was walking her dogs, drilling her with questions and even following her up to her neighbors front door.

Some have justified Mattera's invasive approach as justified because he is targeting her just as she targeted the GOP.

Others, like Beckel, were completely outraged. Like, really outraged. Here's what he had to say to Mattera on Wednesday:

"You're twice as young as I am, you're a punk, you're a coward, and my name is Bob Beckel, and I would like you to call me anytime, anyplace, and let's you and I discuss it because you're a coward [...] You pick on people and you deserve to have your [butt] kicked and I want to do it. So get in touch with me."

"Bring a knife, punk," he concluded.

Mattera later responded to Beckel's threat in an email to Mediaite:

“Bob Beckel issued a challenge on television to meet me anytime, anyplace," he wrote. “I’m naming the place: How about [tomorrow] on The Five? What time would you like me to appear, Bob? I look forward to our national debate on effective journalism.”