This Is Definitely Our Favorite Crazy Bob Costas Eye Infection Theory

Bob Costas's epic battle with a gross eye infection was obviously the best part of the recent Olympics in Sochi, but it wasn't quite clear just what had happened to the legendary host's peepers.

Did he go against the express advice of Russian hoteliers and splash the extremely dangerous water over himself? Was it something he ate? Did a dastardly villain try to poison him???

Well, Friday's Page Six contains what might be the best wild and totally unsubstantiated Costas theory we've seen thus far. The venerable gossip column spoke to a "source" who said that the infection was definitely due to...Botox. More specifically, "botched Botox."

In this theory, Costas, desperate to maintain his youthful visage before the big Games, runs into his Botox guy's office demanding an emergency injection, but the thing goes horribly wrong, and his eyes pay the tragic price.

NBC was a little more emphatic than it usually is when shooting down gossip rumors, snapping, "there is zero truth to this."

OK, but it's still a way more fun story than "my body's natural eye protections weakened due to abnormal medical issues."