Bob Costas Explained What Is Going On With His Swollen Eye And Those Glasses

Bob Costas has seen better days. He has also seen better.

The veteran sportscaster had a noticeably swollen and red left eye when he made his primetime 2014 Sochi Olympics debut on Thursday before NBC aired footage from the first day of events.

People noticed.

Anticipating some of the attention his shuttered eye would generate, Costas addressed it early in the broadcast on Thursday.

“Bear with me for a moment as I spare my friends in the press office countless inquiries," Costas said, according to Chris Chase of For The Win. "I have no choice to go all 'Peabody and Sherman' on you for the next couple of nights since I woke up this morning with my left eye swollen shut and just about as red as the old Soviet flag. According to the NBC doctors here, it’s some kind of minor infection which should resolve itself by the weekend. If only all my issues would resolve themselves that quickly, but that’s another story.”

His candor didn't stop his infected eye from going viral and getting its own Twitter account.

For those wondering about Costas' reference, here is a look at Dr. Peabody and Sherman in action.



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