Bob Costas Takes Another Day Off From Olympics Due To Eye Infection

Bob Costas and his red eyes are taking another sick day.

The NBC anchor, who is suffering from a brutal eye infection, called into the "Today" show Wednesday to announce that Matt Lauer will host the network's primetime Olympics coverage for another night.

"You're coming out of the bullpen again tonight," Costas told Lauer during the morning program.

Costas explained that he actually doesn't feel that bad, but can't come into the studio because of his condition.

"It's an eye infection, and my eyes are so blurry and watery and become so light-sensitive that even in dim light they're constantly tearing up," he said.

This is the second day in a row that the Olympics veteran has been forced to stay off camera. When Lauer took the helm Tuesday evening, it marked the first time someone aside from Costas hosted NBC's primetime Olympics telecast since 1988.

Costas developed the infection late last week. Though he assured viewers that the bout of pink eye was minor and would resolve itself before the weekend, the sportscaster was soon sporting two extremely red eyes.

Feel better, Bob.



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