Bob Costas Doesn't Have Time For Your Bulls--t Pitching Performance

Bob Costas has called some games, you know? You could even say he's called some of the great games in the history of U.S. sports. So when you step up to the mound and you know Bob Costas is on the mic, you better bring it. You better bring it every goddamned time. And if you don’t, well, he sure as hell will bring it for you.

Such was life for Chicago Cubs pitcher Pedro Strop on Friday after he gave up a home run, hit a batter, walked a batter and then got pulled out of the game only to point to the sky, much to Costas' apparent disapproval.

Chicago Cubs pitcher Pedro Strop apparently did not not play to Bob Costas' liking.

Bob Costas doesn’t have time for this bullshit. Seriously, does this look like the face of a man who messes around? No, it does not.

bob costas
(Source: Getty Images)