Bob Dole Rises From Wheelchair In Emotional Salute To George H.W. Bush

The former senator remembered the late president as a "cherished servant leader."

Former Sen. Bob Dole (R-Kan.) was lifted out of his wheelchair Tuesday to give a final salute to former President George H.W. Bush

A onetime political rival of Bush, Dole paid tribute to the 41st president earlier this week, describing his fellow World War II veteran as a “cherished servant leader” who “answered the call to serve whenever the nation needed him.”

Bush’s spokesman, Jim McGrath, described the salute as “a last, powerful gesture of respect from one member of the Greatest Generation, Senator Dole, to another.”

The 95-year-old Dole ― who was seriously wounded during a 1945 battle in Italy ― told CNN that under Bush’s presidency, “three-fourths of Congress were veterans and we would stick together and work across the aisle.”

“And President Bush was a bipartisan president. So we got quite a lot done,” he said.