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Bob Erb, Millionaire Pot Activist, Gives $10,000 Tip To Father Of Cancer Patient (VIDEO)

One restaurant owner learned recently that it can be a good thing when marijuana activists pass it around -- the wealth, that is.

Cliff Luther, owner of the Old West Express diner in Chamberlain, Saskatchewan, Canada, was shocked last week when Canadian marijuana activist and millionaire Bob Erb left him a $10,000 tip, CTV News reports.

Erb had passed through the restaurant a few days before on his way to bury his father’s ashes. It was then that he learned that Luther has a daughter who was recently diagnosed with cancer.

“He was emotional about it, just as any parent would be in that kind of situation,” Erb told the Vancouver News.

He stopped at the restaurant again on his way back through Chamberlain. This time, he cut Luther a check with a note urging the restaurant owner to “get out there to see her."

Those in need are sometimes on the receiving end of hugely generous tips. Servers have gotten tips to help them replace a car or fund a dream vacation, for example.

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