Bob Filner's Expenses As Mayor Are Under Scrutiny: Report

San Diego Mayor Bob Filner (D) is facing even more scrutiny, this time for his financial activity while in office, CNN reports.

CNN obtained statements from January to May for the mayor's city credit card, which is paid with taxpayer dollars. According to their report, the statements involved questionable expenses.

The statements included $511 of expenses over five months at the Westgate Hotel, a hotel across the street from the city's administration building. According to CNN, locals at the bar said he was frequently there with women.

Last month, the San Diego City Council voted unanimously in favor of suing Filner to require that he pay for all costs incurred during his sexual harassment lawsuit.

Seven of the nine City Council members have requested that Filner resign. He refused.

San Diego City Councilor Kevin Faulconer (R) thinks the mayor is "out of touch with reality."

"When you see statements like this it raises a question of, is city business being done or not?" he told CNN. "He doesn't think that the rules apply to him."



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