Virginia GOP Official Who Posted Anti-Muslim Facebook Comments Resigns

Bob FitzSimmonds, the Republican official under fire for anti-Muslim comments he posted on Facebook, stepped down from his position as Virginia GOP treasurer Wednesday evening.

FitzSimmonds sent an email to the party's central committee in which he defended his comments, but resigned nonetheless:

Let me say up front that I stand by the statement. It is historically accurate, was a valid criticism of the President’s revisionist history, and not a statement on Muslim involvement in modern day America. Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, Allen West and others were criticized for making similar comments about the President’s speech. However, it has become clear to me (and to all of you, I am sure) that the Washington Post and others are watching my Facebook posts and will not hesitate to take advantage of any opening I might give them. If it was not causing grief for others, I would not mind. But in fact, it is causing grief for a lot of you and others in party leadership and for that I apologize. ... Nonetheless, I am far more interested in engaging people in policy discussions than I am in party governance. For this reason, I am resigning my position as Treasurer.

Read the full resignation email here.

FitzSimmonds originally posted the following message on his Facebook page in response to President Barack Obama's statement on the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Fitr:

After the comments were posted, some Virginia Republicans rebuked them. This is not the first time FitzSimmonds has dealt with criticism of his Facebook posts.

The Muslim Association of Virginia is also calling for FitzSimmonds to step down as deputy clerk of the Prince William County Circuit Court over fears that his views will influence the way he assists in the court's proceedings.



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