Bob McDonnell: Virginia's Health Care Lawsuit Not About Politics (VIDEO)

Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell (R) claimed over the weekend that the ongoing legal battle against health care reform isn't being waged for political reasons, despite some claims to the contrary.

Judicial rulings in a handful of the 20 states where challenges to the law have been filed have hewed to partisan lines, with two Democratic appointees ruling in favor of the health care legislation and one Republican appointee ruling against it.

Yet McDonnell, who has supported Virginia's lawsuit against the health care law filed by his Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli and commended the decision made by U.S. District Court Judge Henry Hudson, said on "Fox News Sunday" that the decisions weren't driven by political ideology, but rather by "differences in the federal judiciary about interpreting the United States Constitution."

Hudson's memoir, which surfaced last week, revealed that he had deep ties to the Republican Party and a clear desire to seek publicity, two traits that have led to some questions about the nature of his anti-health care decision.

But McDonnell maintained that politics was not in play with regard to this specific issue. Instead, he said, there is simply a fundamental "disagreement" about the health care law, one that should be adjudicated by the Supreme Court.

"It's about finality that everybody wants because there's disagreement about the underlying policy," McDonnell said. "Let's let the U.S. Supreme Court say is it constitutional or not."