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Bob Novak out of CNN-Hired by FOX: Anyone surprised?

Bob Novak out of CNN-Hired by FOX: Anyone surprised?
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As soon as Bob Novak's contract is up, he'll be heading over to FOX News as a contributor. FNC spokesman Brian Lewis confirmed his signing with the network to David Bauder. "Novak said the switch to Fox had nothing to do with finding a more comfortable home for his views."

(via Media Bistro)
Does anyone out there think he could have found another place to litter the airwaves with his garbage other than FOX? Bob is the perfect "GOP talking point operative" that Rupert Murdoch craves. (remember Novak's ties to the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth?) You can read more about his role as a " smear merchant extraordinaire" in the new piece by Murray Waas called, "Why Novak Called Rove."

Is the hiring of Judy Miller by FOX far behind?

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