Bob Odenkirk Talks 'Mr. Show' & Meeting David Cross On Comedy Death Ray (VIDEO)

Fans of HBO's cult 90s comedy series "Mr. Show" know how funny Bob Odenkirk is, even though his most recent role is on one of TV's most intense dramas, "Breaking Bad."

And if you aren't familiar with Odenkirk's hilarious nature, you can get a taste of it in this recent interview with him conducted by Comedy Death-Ray's Scott Aukerman.

Odenkirk recently appeared on one of IFC's latest on-air editions of the popular radio show, shot on location at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater in Los Angeles, and revealed the weird way in which he met comedy partner David Cross (it involves Janeane Garofalo attempting to set them up on a basketball date).

You'll also hear some other funny tidbits about "The Ben Stiller Show" and "Mr. Show's" inception, as well as a product we think will be taking the country by storm before you know it, "Name Changer."