Bob Odenkirk: Saul Goodman And Donald Trump Would Have A Mind Meld

And yes, the shady "Better Call Saul" lawyer "would love the limelight" of representing the president.

Bob Odenkirk sees some symmetry between President Donald Trump and the shady lawyer he plays on the hit show “Better Call Saul.”

On Wednesday’s “Late Night with Seth Meyers,” Odenkirk revealed his character Saul Goodman would most likely want to take over from lawyer Michael Cohen to represent Trump.

“I do think he would,” said Odenkirk. “He would love the limelight.”

The fictional lawyer and Trump would enjoy “a bit of a mind meld about how to handle things,” Odenkirk said. But he did worry that Goodman “may have an issue with getting paid” by the brash businessman. “You’re gonna pay me somehow,” he added.

“Better Call Saul” returns to AMC for its fourth season on Aug. 6.

Check out the interview above.