Bob Odenkirk Remembers Chris Farley On 'Fallon' (VIDEO)

Who knew that Saul Goodman is the man behind Matt Foley, Motivational Speaker?

Bob Odenkirk stopped by "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" on Friday to promote the newest season of "Breaking Bad," and the two "SNL" alumni shared their mutual respect for the beloved Chris Farley, for whom Odenkirk wrote material when Farley was a cast member and Odenkirk was a writer on the show -- including the classic bit about a man who "lives in a van down by the river."

The two men created that character when they were at Chicago's famed Second City, and in this interview, it's clear that Odenkirk misses Farley deeply.

"Chris was very genuine," Odenkirk said of the larger-than-life funnyman, who passed away in 1997. "A lot of people in showbiz do that, and they're faking it. 'Oh, I love your work.' 'Really? You've seen my huge movies? They've only made a couple billion, and you've seen them? You're so nice!' But Chris was absolutely, genuinely a sweet guy."

Odenkirk's career has been quite extensive, starting as a writer on "SNL" before helming his own sketch show, "Mr. Show with Bob & David," and currently appearing in a big role on the AMC drama "Breaking Bad." But he told Fallon that when reflecting, he considers Matt Foley, Motivational Speaker to be his favorite thing he's ever done.

Fans of "Mr. Show" will also want to be sure to check out this week's "Comedy Bang! Bang!" podcast, in which Odenkirk plays some never-before-heard sketches from an abandoned "Mr. Show" podcast.

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