Here Is Bob Ross Beating Paint Brushes For Over Three Minutes. You're Welcome.

The world loves Bob Ross so much, we'll watch him do just about anything with a paint brush. As long as he's gently cooing at us from beneath his globular afro, there's nothing good ol' Bob and his happy little trees can't do.

He might look like the world's creepiest uncle, painting the world's most epically conventional landscapes, but by golly! do we love a soothing "Joy of Painting" supercut. Bring on the 500-branch evergreens! The little snow-covered mountains! The perfectly toned glaciers! We have an insatiable appetite for your kitsch and carefully coiffed chest hair.

So, naturally, when we came across this three-and-half-minute collection of the "Joy of Painting" guru beating brushes, we couldn't help but pass on the love. Yes, he's just cleaning brushes, tirelessly, with his storied odorless thinner. But it's all we need.

We live vicariously through Ross' brief moments of anger, channeling our own frustration as he "beats the devil out of" his beloved tools. We watch with bated breath as he moves toward the beater rack, eager to pummel his crew with tiny droplets of paint. Are we scared? A little. Is our adrenaline pumping as vigorously as his poor paint brush? Absolutely.

"This is when the brush beater rack will save your marriage," he once advised. He just likes to wash brushes, guys. Just let him wash the brushes.

H/T paavi2005 and A.V. Club

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